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21 Jun 2024

World's Largest Offshore GREEN HYDROGEN PROJECT

Amy Power
World's Largest Offshore GREEN HYDROGEN PROJECT

Green Hydrogen MOU agreement has been Reached between Vedomi Fueling GmbH and Offshore Wind Power Systems of Texas Inc. (OWPST)

Vedomi Fueling GmbH has agreed to begin good faith negotiations with Offshore Wind Power Systems of Texas Inc. (OWPST) for a long-term Hydrogen Purchase Agreement.   Vedomi Fueling GmbH and OWPST each currently have an interest in the timely development of the Project.  The product will be “Green Hydrogen” and will produce zero emissions with Vedomi Fueling GmbH as the “buyer” of all the Green Hydrogen produced from this project. OWPST has been working in conjunction with the Scottish Development Enterprise Group concerning this project. Therefore, the Green Hydrogen will be produced in a selected area off the coast of Scotland.  Green Hydrogen production of approximately 1,200 tons per day will be sold to Vedomi for use in transportation needs in pre-constructed stations in multiple countries in Europe or sold as a fuel for the industry in the European market.


Offshore Wind Power Systems of Texas Inc. or OWPST is a Dallas-based company that designs, manufactures, deploys, and operates water desalination (sea recovery) plants for coastal and island communities around the world. The company was founded in 2010 by Mr. Douglas Hines who is the CEO, and Chairman of the Board.   Mr. Hines developed this enterprise in the offshore oil and gas industry where he has held responsibilities for the design, manufacture, deployment, and operation of jack-up substructures.


The Titan Wind Turbine Platform was created by OWPST to economically support a single wind turbine in water depths up to 100 meters.   By using proven methods for designing jack-up drilling rigs the patented Titan Wind Turbine Platform, was designed to solve the deepwater dilemma.


The TITAN Ocean Naiad represents a generational breakthrough in cost-effective seawater desalination applications. As a stand-alone platform, it can produce up to 30 million gallons of clean drinkable water per day, enough to meet the needs of 100,000 families of four. Powered by wind energy, the TITAN nearly eliminates the high cost of power electricity needed to demineralize seawater for drinking or to desalinate and deionize seawater for producing green hydrogen.


Green hydrogen is not produced onboard the TITAN but will be produced offshore on a newly designed hydrogen production platform facility that is fed desalinated deionized water directly from the offshore TITAN.   Having the feedstock for hydrogen production being produced with a negligible cost for power means that the production of green hydrogen will cost less than hydrogen produced by conventional means.


This project’s business model is such that OWPST will perpetually retain ownership and operational responsibility for the TITAN offshore platforms and offshore plants.  OWPST will develop the infrastructure (balance of plant) needed to build out, launch, and operate the TITAN offshore systems as well as the offshore elements of green

hydrogen production. 


Additional information can be found on our website at   


Vedomi Fueling GmbH based in Duesseldorf, Germany, operates as developer and financier of European supply chains for the delivery of low carbon energy carriers.

The company was established in November 2023 by founders Mr. Christian Benigni, CEO and Dr. Philipp Hensler, CIO. Mr. Benigni and Dr. Hensler look back on more than 25 years of experience in most senior roles in the global financial industry where they have also been involved in noteworthy transactions in the energy sector.

They founded Vedomi Fueling Gmbh to fully focus on making alternative energy solutions available at competitive price points. Vedomi Fueling GmbH recognises the importance of low carbon energy carriers for the decarbonisation of Europe’s “hard-to-abate” industry sectors.

Germany in particular has to import an estimated 70% of low carbon energy carriers to achieve its decarbonisation goals.

Vedomi Fueling GmbH’s approach to support a European energy transition starts with respective demand aggregation from industry at one end of global supply chains, complemented by securing sufficient future supply from leading providers like OWPST.

We are delighted to have found OWPST as our partner in that regard and look forward to a mutually beneficial, long-term partnership with Doug Hines and his team.


Additional information can be found on our website at

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