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19 Jan 2024

Vauxhall and Ryze have created a partnership to develop hydrogen refueling infrastructure solutions

Amy Power
Vauxhall and Ryze have created a partnership to develop hydrogen refueling infrastructure solutions

Vauxhall has decided to create a partnership with Ryze, so that they can collaborate on creating a hydrogen charging infrastructure solution for fleet operators.

Vauxhall’s current project involves finding a way to refuel the vehicles it is aiming to have operating on the roads in the very near future. At the moment the company has plans to commence evaluation trials on its Vivaro HYDROGEN vehicle and these trials will take place in 2024. It is because of these trials, which suggest the vehicle will be entering a new stage of development soon, bringing it closer to deployment, along with orders already placed for another vehicle, that mean Vauxhall is searching for a hydrogen refueling infrastructure solution.

The other vehicle which Vauxhall has developed is the Movano. This is Vauxhall’s largest light commercial vehicle (LCV) and is also the vehicle which has already received orders, ahead of first customer deliveries in 2025. This vehicle is expected to have the ability to travel long distances, up to a range of 311 miles, whilst remaining emissions-in-use-free, plus it is designed to have a refueling time of about five minutes.

These expectations for the vehicle are excellent, however opportunities to refuel the vehicle are not yet in place, therefore Vauxhall has partnered with Ryze to develop the appropriate solution. Ryze is a UK-based, hydrogen infrastructure distributor and their role in this partnership will be to assist in the design and development of the hydrogen refueling infrastructure. This structure will then be distributed to any company that is running a UK fleet, where it will be used to refuel various vehicles. The partnership with Ryze will make sure that what is an extremely important job will be done effectively and efficiently.

Managing Director at Vauxhall, James Taylor, commented, “With the help of businesses like Ryze, drivers will be able to add hydrogen vans to their fleet trouble free and with accessible charging options at convenient locations.”

The Head of Business Development – Mobility at Ryze, Mark Gilks, was pleased to see Vauxhall “making hydrogen a key component of its Net Zero strategy.” He continued, “Ryze is at the forefront of green hydrogen production and supply, and we are incredibly excited to be working with Vauxhall and its customers on tailored solutions to their Net Zero ambitions. Every business is different and while some may want their own fuelling facility at their depot, others may be looking at a co-location solution, and that is where our experience comes in.”


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