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04 Mar 2024

Siemens Energy has agreed to provide HH2E German hydrogen projects with their technology

Amy Power
Siemens Energy has agreed to provide HH2E German hydrogen projects with their technology

A new agreement has been created between Siemens Energy and HH2E, in which Siemens Energy has stated that they will provide HH2E with green hydrogen production units. These units will be delivered with high-voltage systems and power transformers.

This project will be dedicated to supporting the projects which HH2E is currently operating in the pipeline for Lubmin, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Thierbach based in Saxony. Siemens Energy and HH2E have agreed to begin the operations for this project with an initial capacity of 100MW input power. Furthermore, through this agreement, Siemens Energy has said that they plan to leverage their expertise and their portfolio to deliver excellent and well-designed solutions. They will also make sure that the initial enquiry to the final delivery will follow a streamlined process.

It is predicted that this project will be very significant and highly beneficial, as it will be able to produce 7,000 tonnes of green hydrogen per year. This anticipated amount also has the potential to be scaled up to 1GW and this will all be made possible due to the combination of electrolysers with high-capacity batteries. The design for this system is able to be produced through the support that Siemen’s has agreed to supply with their high-voltage systems, along with their power transformers. Furthermore, the batteries come with the advantage of being able to allow HH2E’s system to store any excess renewable energy, which is very useful during periods of sun or wind. Storing the energy presents the opportunity for it to be used later in the same process, the production of green hydrogen or heat. On top of this, the company has already thought ahead of their new system and has reserved production capacity for a further 140MWh worth of the sodium sulfur batteries.

The contract for this project was officially agreed upon and signed at a ceremony in Berlin at the Siemens Energy Switchgear Factory.

The innovative Thierbach project was first announced by HH2E last year in 2023 and this project is now HH2E’s second major green hydrogen production project. This project also received generous funding investments from Foresight Group and HydrogenOne Capital who joined the company and got involved in the project. Furthermore, it was in September of 2023 that HH2E ordered 93MWh of high-capacity batteries from BASF. They made this order to help them form part of the electrolyser system and prevent the unwanted effect of intermittent renewables.

The companies commented, “the HH2E facilities are poised to contribute to the local communities by supplying green heat to district heating networks in nearby urban areas, showcasing a holistic approach to green energy production.”


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