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28 Jun 2024

San Bernardino and Redlands will welcome a hydrogen-powered train

Amy Power
San Bernardino and Redlands will welcome a hydrogen-powered train

A new hydrogen-powered train has been revealed by Stadler and the San Bernardino County Transportation Authority (SBCTA). This train has been created with the intention that it will serve the surrounding area.

It was on June the 21st 2024 that the Zero Emission Multiple Unit (ZEMU) came to San Bernardino Depot Train Station, which is located in the US, specifically California. Currently the project is in the testing stage and it is about to go into final phase testing. This stage will involve journeys on the Arrow line, as well as Metrolink system checks and these must be completed ahead of operations which are due to commence later in 2024.

When operating, the locomotive uses a hybrid hydrogen and battery technology to power operations and it combines this with onboard electrical systems. This train was manufactured in Switzerland at Stadler’s headquarters and since being built it has been utilised at the Galveston, in the US in Texas.

The creation and arrival of this train at its current location, highlight the commitment and dedication the team have applied to this project. This includes ten years of planning and four years of work form the SBCTA who developed the train. The goal when creating the train was to implement efficient, sustainable passenger rail travel.

Earlier this year, California’s Department of Transportation (Caltrans) made a $127m order for six hydrogen passenger transits from Stadler. These six trains will join the four trains which Caltrans previously ordered and it is predicted that all of the trains will be ready to enter service in 2027.

SBCTA President, Ray Marquez, commented, “ZEMU’s arrival in San Bernardino is a significant milestone recognising years of strategic planning for a greener rail system and a commitment to innovative transportation solutions in San Bernardino County. I look forward to county residents and visitors riding ZEMU on the Arrow line in the coming months.”


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