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27 Oct 2023

Quantron hydrogen FCEV trucks will be used to minimise environmental impact of the ACE championships

Amy Power
Quantron hydrogen FCEV trucks will be used to minimise environmental impact of the ACE championships

The ACE championships is a racing series which promotes zero-emission motorsport, as well as a platform which encourages young drivers (15-25 years old) to get into motorsport. This organisation has commissioned Quantron hydrogen, who will supply its hydrogen fuel cell trucks to the zero emission race series, for the 2024/25 season, in order to benefit the environment.

The electric race series, wanted to use the QHM FCEV AERO trucks in order to ensure the championship logistics had as minimal effect on the environment as possible. The trucks offer many benefits, including a maximum range of 700km, with 54kg of hydrogens stored onboard. The truck will be used to perform the task of travelling long distances between European race venues and will therefore avoid polluting the atmosphere with the excessive emissions a petroleum vehicle would cause, throughout these long journeys. This will be incredibly beneficial and an innovative breakthrough for the transport industry, as the series will take place with races in Spain, Italy, the UK, Germany, Sweden and more.

The founder and CEO of ACE Championships, Dillbagh Gill, commented, “As a zero-emission race series it is mandatory to also move our teams and vehicles zero emission and only the Quantron FCEV truck can deliver the speed and cycle times needed to transport all our teams and cars from racetrack to team locations in the shortest possible time.”

Nick Heidfeld, co-founder of ACE Championships, added, “We want ACE Championship to be fair, affordable and to attract youngsters into the series from all regions of the world to make the step into motorsport. We are trying to create something which gives young drives the possibility to get into the sport on good circuits and move forward in their careers.”

Qauntron CEO, Michael Perschke, said, “ACE Championship and QUANTRON share similar missions, aiming to empower diverse young communities while making our contribution to decarbonisation. The Europe-wide racing series is a great opportunity for us to show that our hydrogen-powered QHM FCEV is the ideal solution to serve the teams over long distances with the fastest turnaround times.”


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