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05 Jan 2024

A pre-feasibility study for Nordic-Baltic hydrogen pipeline has been launched by six gas transition operators

Amy Power
A pre-feasibility study for Nordic-Baltic hydrogen pipeline has been launched by six gas transition operators

Gasgrid Finland, Estonia’s Elering, Latvian Conexus Baltic Gird, Lithuania’s Amber Grid, Polish GAZ-SYSTEM and German ONTRAS announced on Wednesday 3rd of January 2024 that they have launched a pre-feasibility study for the new hydrogen pipeline.

The pipeline will run from Finland to Germany, passing through Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland. The significance of this project is that it will be an effective way to connect green energy production hubs based around Northern Europe to Central Europe.

The companies aim for the project to be implemented by 2030, as it is by this point that Germany has predicted its hydrogen demand to have reached 95-130TWh. Germany has also suggested that 50-70% of this requirement will be met by imports, therefore the creation of this pipeline is a project Germany is in support of.

In order to ensure that the study is conducted fairly and in great and accurate detail, the study contract has been awarded to AFRY Management Consulting. AFRY will analyse the condition for the development of the cross-border infrastructure, alongside what trends green hydrogen is following within the region. This assessment and decision will be completed within six months and will provide the six gas transition operators with enough information to make further project decisions and developments.

This project will bring multiple benefits to the regions it affects, including supporting climate targets, both of those regions and of the wider EU, support and benefits for the electrical system and the opportunity for more long-term storage when needed at times of excess generation. The system will also bring opportunities for companies to expand where they sell their energy to, along with a new chance to encourage investment in industrial and technological innovation. These investment and expansion opportunities will become available all along the pipeline route, effectively creating multiple opportunities for multiple areas.

The beginning of this project occurred back in December of 2023 when the Corridor received Project of Common Interest (PCI) status. This was awarded by the European Commission, which entitles the project to benefit from streamlined permitting and regulatory processes, whilst also giving it eligibility for EU financing and support.


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