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06 Feb 2024

Partnership between COTEC and SunHydrogen will see the scale-up of green hydrogen panels

Amy Power
Partnership between COTEC and SunHydrogen will see the scale-up of green hydrogen panels

SunHydrogen and COTEC have created an industrial partnership, in which they have decided to focus on scaling-up the production of 1m² green hydrogen panels.

COTEC is a South Korean-based company, who recently created a laboratory that is intended for SunHydrogen’s technology. The laboratory is suitable for the technology and so far, COTEC have been able to replicate the technology’s proprietary process on a laboratory scale, through the use of advanced industrial electroplating techniques.

This large development for this technology has been created due to the significance of it. The technology is said to be the only self-contained nanoparticle-based hydrogen generation device, which has the ability to split water molecules into high-purity green hydrogen. The solar panel SunHydrogen developed for the technology is made-up of multiple generators immersed in water. Each of these solar panels has billions of electroplated nanoparticles inside it.

The creation of this laboratory was completed for the scale-up of the technology, but also with the intention of accelerating the company’s progress to commercialisation. With its technology in the laboratory, SunHydrogen was able to gather a group of industrial partners and collaborators. These parties include the University of Iowa, the University of Michigan, Project NanoPEC, Geomatec, InRedox, MSC, COTEC, as well as consultants Professor Kazunari Domen, Dr Hiroshi Nishiyama and finally, Dr Taro Yamada from the University of Tokyo.

SunHydrogen’s CEO, Tim Young, expressed the company’s understanding that the scaling up to 1m² would come with, “inherent challenges.” However, alongside these challenges, the view that COTEC is the “ideal partner” who can help SunHydrogen reach their goals and address the challenges is a strong opinion upholding the partnership.

Young also commented, “I would like to thank COTEC for their dedication to our shared goals and our shareholders and supporters for their patience as we work to bring world-changing technology closer to commercialisation.”


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