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05 Mar 2024

A new partnership between HD KSOE and 3M has been created over the development of liquid hydrogen storage

Amy Power
A new partnership between HD KSOE and 3M has been created over the development of liquid hydrogen storage

HD Hyundai Korea Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering (KSOE) and 3M recently created a collaboration to focus on the development of large liquid hydrogen storage tanks.

To create this collaboration, a joint research project agreement was signed by both companies and this agreement outlined the task to be completed. This involved designing the modules using 3M’s Glass Bubbles, which is a “high strength, low density” hollow glass microsphere.

With the use of this technology Hyundai KSOE and 3M will work together on insulation and construction workability evaluations. They will also work on demonstrations and classification approvals and all of these parts of the collaboration will be dedicated to the application of 3M’s Glass Bubbles to HD HHI’s advanced thermal insulation system.

This system is incredibly important as when liquid hydrogen is transported, it must be liquefied at very low temperatures of -253 degrees Celsius. This means that tanks and main materials require a high-performance insulation system.

Alongside this insulation project, HD KSOE is also working alongside Mitsui O.S.K Lines (MOL) to study the development of liquid hydrogen shipping solutions. Within this collaboration the two companies will focus on assessing the technology, construction, safety, economics and operation of a carrier. The carrier to be studied will be a carrier that has a tank capacity of 80,000 metres cubed. This project is being performed with the intention of establishing a liquefied hydrogen supply chain in Asia and other regions.

President of the Future Technology Research Institute, HD KSOE, Dr. Kwang pil Jang, commented, ‘that the company will “lead the future hydrogen society,” thanks to collaborations such as the one with 3M, who boast “one of the highest performing insulation products in the world.”’

3M’s Advanced Materials Division President, Brian Coleman, mentioned, “3M’s Glass Bubbles offer significant advantages over traditional cryogenic insulation materials when it comes to thermal efficiency and durability.”


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