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22 Mar 2024

LifeGuard Technologies Expands Hydrogen Safety Hose Product Line with Launch of LifeGuard Vacuum Jacketed Hydrogen/Helium Safety Hose

Amy Power
LifeGuard Technologies Expands Hydrogen Safety Hose Product Line with Launch of LifeGuard Vacuum Jacketed Hydrogen/Helium Safety Hose

New Hose Platform Continues to Build upon LifeGuard’s Leadership Position in Hydrogen transfer hoses, Expanding Access to Broader Applications and End-Markets

NEWTOWN SQUARE, PA – September 29, 2023 - LifeGuard Technologies, the world’s leading safety hose manufacturer, today announces the development of the cryogenic industry’s first patent pending LifeGuard Vacuum Jacketed Safety Hose specifically designed for liquid hydrogen and helium transfer. Because liquid hydrogen must be transported at an extremely low temperature of -252.9 °C, insulated transfer lines are essential. The vacuum technology with super insulation and the patented and patent pending LifeGuard Safety Internal Shutoff System precisely provides the insulation value, quality, and safety required to transport liquid hydrogen.

The LifeGuard safety system is built into the LifeGuard Vacuum Jacketed Hydrogen/Helium Safety Hose utilizing a engineered and patented compression spring system with two non-return valves installed within each fitting that separate under a controlled condition causing the internal valves to engage and the piping to remain intact with flow stopped on both ends of the hose and prevents product loss in the event of an emergency separation. Safety is a key priority for the hydrogen industry, as it is essential for its growth and acceptance as a sustainable energy solution. By understanding and managing the safety hazards associated with hydrogen including the “weakest link” – the transfer hose - the industry can ensure its safe production, storage, transportation, and use in various sectors.

Andy Abrams, executive vice president of LifeGuard Technologies confirmed that the advancement of this new Safety hose application was jointly developed with its sister company GPSS India and Shell-N-Tube of India. Leveraging LifeGuard Technologies' deep hydrogen hose application knowledge, with Shell-N-Tube’s materials science expertise and process engineering capabilities, enabled the company to create the safest liquid hydrogen hose available.

“At a time when the hydrogen industry is on the cusp of massive expansion, it is critical that safety lead the way. Now, liquid hydrogen transfer can have the same technological safety features that our LPG, NH3 and high pressure hydrogen and atmosphereic gase hoses have enjoyed for more than 20 years. ” stated Andy Abrams, executive vice president of LifeGuard Technologies. “We look forward to offering this new hose design to our Compressed Gas and petrochemical customers through our global network of locations helping to drive LifeGuard Safety Hose adoption even further into the hydrogen industry.”

According to Khushal Mehta, Director - Business Operations, Shell-N-Tube, “Safety and reliability is paramount in the handling and transfer of Liquid Hydrogen, which has been the driver in developing this liquid hydrogen transfer hose. We have leveraged our experience in the design and manufacturing of vacuum insulated hydrogen hoses for the Indian Space program to provide the same quality vacuum insulated liquid hydrogen hose for the gas industry.” For more information regarding LifeGuard Technologies – Southern Europe please visit:

LifeGuard Technologies’ mission is to provide, on a geographical basis, reliable, readily deployable, and cost-effective improvements in industrial safety. LifeGuard Technologies is a Global Company that is based upon the extensive experience of its founders and joint venture partners and believes that significant and measurable enhancements to industrial safety are achieved with distribution of “passive devices.” The essence of our mission is to increase the safety of all operations and facilities through the utilization of systems such as the "LifeGuard Safety Hose" and others. LifeGuard manufactures its hoses in the USA, Canada, Sweden, India, and Australia.

Shell-N-Tube is a leading cryogenic equipment manufacturer in India. We take pride in designing, developing and supplying high quality cryogenic equipment for various industries like steel plants, space research, atomic research, super conductivity, pharmaceuticals, beverage bottling and ice cream making.


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