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09 May 2024

An innovative compressor designed for hydrogen refuelling has been launched by SIAD MI

Amy Power
An innovative compressor designed for hydrogen refuelling has been launched by SIAD MI

Hydrogen refuelling stations will soon be receiving a new 550-bar, oil-free compressor, which has been designed by Italy’s SIAD Macchine Impianti (SIAD MI).

One of the reasons behind this new development is the rise in interest coming from various regions, who are searching for solutions when it comes to speeding up the deployment of heavy-duty hydrogen-powered vehicles. These regions are interested in these new compressors, as this technology would help them to clean up their transportation systems.

The other reason behind this, is that in 2023, Europe announced that they would be adopting a new legislation, which would focus on bringing in hundreds of hydrogen refuelling stations. This plan would then expand into ensuring that these hydrogen refuelling stations are deployed across the continent.

This commitment to increasing the number of refuelling stations around, started after the Alternative Fuel Infrastructure Regulation (AFIR) mandated that every ‘urban node’ must have a hydrogen refuelling station that is compatible with both light- and heavy-duty vehicles. It has also been stated that these stations must be positioned so that they sit every 200km, along the core Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T) by 2030.

SIAD MI said that they hope to make the company a leading player within the clean mobility supply chain. The company also aims to become known as the company that designs their products to ‘meet the needs’ of transportation and hydrogen refuelling.

SIAD Group company, continued, ‘developed for use in heavy-duty vehicle hydrogen refuelling stations, the compressor’s high-pressure, oil-free, strong safety focus, low maintenance cycles and low energy consumption were important factors in reducing operating costs.’

Manager of the Compressors Division and Global Service Division at SIAD MI, Sandeep Gadkary, commented, “Our customers can rely on us to provide solutions that keep downtime to a minimum, ensuring continuous, trouble-free production.”

General Manager of SIAD MI, Paolo Ferrario, added that ‘the company understands the importance of providing solutions that help reduce carbon emissions. We are fully committed to playing a key role in this transformation.”


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