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12 Jan 2024

Hyzon Motors has revealed which of their vehicle and fuel cells 2023 milestones they achieved

Amy Power
Hyzon Motors has revealed which of their vehicle and fuel cells 2023 milestones they achieved

Now that we are into 2024, Hyzon Motors revealed which of their various vehicle deployment and fuel cell developments for 2023 were achieved.

The company uses their US production facility in Bolingbrook to develop the key components for their 200kW fuel cell systems. Hyzon have predicted that this facility will have the ability to produce more than 700 200kW fuel cell systems every year, to begin with. Alongside this, Hyzon was also able to deploy 19 vehicles which went through commercial agreements, whilst also successfully completing the testing of 25 200 kW fuel cell system B-samples. To achieve this, the company performed thorough testing, full design verification and significant durability tests, which all came back successfully. These vehicles went on to be deployed in various locations, five went to the US, three to Europe and eleven went to Australia. The vehicles that went to North America went to fleet and drayage customers, this included a heavy-duty fuel cell electric truck, which was bought with the purpose of operating it outside of the Port of Los Angeles and Long Beach.

Hyzon has also started developing a single stack 200kw fuel cell system, which is expected to be 30% lower in weight and volume than their previous achievement. The new design will also have a 25% lower fuel cell system total cost, in comparison to two of their previously designed 110kW fuel cell systems put together.

The next steps for this company are to begin the development process for their 20kW fuel cell system C-samples. To develop this, they have planned to follow the standard automotive product development methodology. In order to improve their process, Hyzon has chosen to build all of their new fuel cell systems with production tooling, as the use of this will meet all of their technical requirements. This technique will precede pre-production and SOP, which the company have confirmed is planned to go ahead for the second half of 2024.

Hyzon CEO, Parker Meeks, commented, “Paired with continued advancement of US and international government investment in the hydrogen ecosystem, we expect significant achievements in 2024, including start of production (SOP) for our 200kW fuel cell system, delivering the first 200kW fuel cell electric vehicle into trial, and advancing our fuel cell vehicle product offering.”


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