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26 Jan 2024

Hyzon completes order of four hydrogen trucks to PFG

Amy Power
Hyzon completes order of four hydrogen trucks to PFG

In June of 2023, Hyzon Motors and Performance Food Group (PFG) signed an agreement concerning hydrogen fuel cell trucks and following this agreement, Hyzon has now delivered another four hydrogen trucks to PFG.

This delivery is part of the excess stated within the deal when it was first made. The original order contained an agreement for the supply of five trucks and it also provided the option to expand this amount with an excess of 50 trucks. Recently this option to expand was used and PFG ordered another four trucks, which Hyzon has now delivered.

The four trucks which have now been delivered are all manufactured in the same design, with a hydrogen fuel cell powertrain system and all of the trucks are intended to be part of PFG’s fleets. The trucks will be used to deliver food and drink products to the company’s customers.

The way they have been manufactured, means the truck has a range of 350 miles and their refuelling time is an estimated fifteen minutes. The vehicles will be fuelled with hydrogen provided by Pilot Travel Centres and on top of this, the vehicle also has fast fill dispensing.

This truck has been under development for a while, as it was back in August of 2023 when the truck was going through a commercial test run. This test was done to determine how efficiently the truck would run on liquid hydrogen. The result produced was very positive as the truck displayed an impressive ability to travel more than 540 miles during a 16-hour run.

The delivery of this truck, benefits Hyzon and PFG, as it will help PFG complete the job it needs to do, whilst also highlighting Hyzon as a company that produces excellent and efficient hydrogen-powered vehicles. PFG’s use of these trucks will benefit all the parties involved, including consumers and the environment.

The CEO of Hyzon Motors, Parker Meeks, spoke about how the new deployments came as a “major milestone” for the company’s technology. Currently the firm is continuing to work on developing its 200kW single stack fuel cell system.


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