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23 Feb 2024

Hydrexia has agreed to supply hydrogen refuelling applications to UMW Toyota

Amy Power
Hydrexia has agreed to supply hydrogen refuelling applications to UMW Toyota

Hydrexia Hydrogen Limited and Toyota Motor Corporation’s Malaysian subsidiary have decided to create a deal concerning the supply of a containerised mobile hydrogen refuelling station (HRS).

The deal will encompass Hdyrexia providing UMW Toyota with their HRS, which UMW Toyota plan to use to refuel their hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. These vehicles and this system will be showcased at the ‘Beyond Zero’ event, based in Malaysia and hosted by Toyota. The event will be running through until the 28th of February 2024, providing the opportunity for this excellent and innovative equipment to gain lots of exposure.

As well as providing exposure for the equipment, the Beyond Zero event will also allow UMW Toyota the chance to demonstrate their commitment to ‘providing environmentally friendly mobility for all, contributing to a net positive carbon impact and fostering a sustainable future.’

UMW Toyota will be provided with this technology, as it was through their partnership with Hydrexia, that the technology was successfully developed. Through their teamwork, the comprehensive hydrogen solution was discovered and provided. It was UMW’s consideration of different solutions and specific equipment safety, functionality, which earned BMW their partnership with Hydrexia, along with their excellent skill in delivering appropriate solutions in the short term.

Alongside this partnership Toyota has another project ongoing with Chiyoda which was officially announced in January of 2024. This project was created with the intention of mass producing 5MW compact electrolyser systems and once these have been created, the companies plant to provide an electrolyser to the Hydrogen Park. This park is located at the Toyota Honsha Plant and this exchange will be completed in 2025. The plan for after this exchange is to expand the product to the 10MW class and then use it for a verification and development referral point, throughout the future.

UMW Toyota was established as a joint venture between United Motor Works, which is based in Malaysia and the Japanese companies, Toyota Motor Corporation and Toyota Tsusho Corporation.

The Global Sales Vice-President and the General Manager for Southeast Asia at Hydrexia, George Gan, explained, that they expect ‘to continue working with Toyota, serving its “needs for hydrogen application solutions in ASEAN countries. We are excited to work with UMW Toyota on this project, where we can leverage our technological and solution strengths to add values to Toyota’s journey towards carbon neutrality.”


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