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12 Jan 2024

HNOI demonstrates the successful refuelling of a hydrogen-powered Toyota Mirai

Amy Power
HNOI demonstrates the successful refuelling of a hydrogen-powered Toyota Mirai

A recent demonstration at the HNO International (HNOI) Texas facility has occurred, in which HNOI successfully refuelled a hydrogen-powered Toyota Mirai. To do this, the company used its Compact Hydrogen Refuelling Station (CHRS™).

HNOI has strong and clear commitments, such as advancing and supporting the adoption of zero-emission vehicles, which is what this demonstration showcases. On top of this the company is also committed to the development of clean and green hydrogen infrastructure, which can be used within the hydrogen automotive industry.

The demonstration which took place, achieved multiple targets for the company, including validating the effectiveness of CHRS and simultaneously portraying the technology’s ability to adapt easily to different vehicle types. These vehicle types include fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) and hydrogen internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles. The demonstration also advertised the CHRS as a space-efficient refuelling system, which has been specifically designed to generate, store and dispense high-quality, fuel cell-grade clean hydrogen which has been extracted via water through anion exchange membrane (AEM) electrolysis. This technology has been designed in this advanced way in order to ensure it can provide safe and efficient refuelling processes, whilst simultaneously reaching the highest hydrogen standards and certifications.

Prior to this breakthrough in technology, in 2021, the Toyota Mirai managed to travel the longest distance that a hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle has travelled without refuelling. This earned the car a Guinness World Record and it shows that having a refuelling system which can successfully refuel this car, is a huge achievement and an accomplishment which will push the industry in the right direction.

The Chairman of HNOI, Don Owens, commented, “CHRS represents a green future, offering communities and entities a scalable and efficient solution for embracing hydrogen-based technologies and advancing towards a zero-emission transportation industry.”


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