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03 May 2024

FCE and Toyota announce the opening of their project Tri-gen in the Port of Long Beach

Amy Power
FCE and Toyota announce the opening of their project Tri-gen in the Port of Long Beach

On the 2nd of May 2024, FuelCell Energy (FCE) and Toyota Motor North America, announced the opening of their new project, Tri-gen. This project is based in California, in the Port of Long Beach and it focuses on forming electricity, hydrogen and water production systems.

The purpose of the project is to support the Toyota Logistics Services’ (TLS) vehicle processing and distribution centre at Long Beach. In order to make this possible, the FCE Tri-gen system will use biogas to produce electricity, hydrogen and water. In using these substances, the system will rely on FCE’s carbonate fuel cell technology, to turn the biogas, sourced from landfill sites, into electricity, hydrogen and water.

As the potential of this system is to produce an estimated 1,200 kg of hydrogen on a daily basis, the system will be predominantly dedicated to fuelling Toyota’s incoming light-duty Mirai fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs). Plus, it will also be this project’s responsibility to supply a specific nearby heavy-duty hydrogen station, as this station will be fuelling TLS’ logistics and drayage operations.

It will be possible for this project to supply this station with their product, as around 1,400 water by-product from hydrogen production may be generated every day. This by-product is what TLS can make use of when it comes to processes around car washing, before a car goes to a customer.

On top of this, TLS will also receive 2.3MW of electricity, which has been generated by the system, for the company to use in its wider power operations. It has also been stated that any extra excess electricity can be delivered to the local utility.

Once construction was completed in 2023, FCE said, ‘the site has been supplying Toyota with hydrogen fuel since January (2024).’

FCE also mentioned that ‘hydrogen production can be ramped up and down to meet demand. In April (2024), the first heavy-duty Kenworth Class 8 hydrogen-powered truck was filled with Tri-gen-produced hydrogen.’

CEO and President of FCE, Jason Few, commented that, ‘the system demonstrates that hydrogen-based energy can “benefit businesses, deliver zero-emission transportation for light- and heavy-duty vehicles, support improved air quality in local communities, reduce water usage and deliver immediate and long-term benefits to the environment.”’


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