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06 Feb 2024

Envision Energy and BASF will collaborate over the production of green hydrogen-based e-methanol

Amy Power
Envision Energy and BASF will collaborate over the production of green hydrogen-based e-methanol

A new partnership between the Chinese company Envision Energy and BASF Process Catalyst has begun. This collaboration will be dedicated to enhancing the efficiency of producing e-methanol from green hydrogen and carbon dioxide.

Envision Energy is a Chinese wind turbine and energy management company and within this deal, they have agreed to integrate BASF’s SYNSPIRE™ technology into its energy management system. This integration will have the desired effect of boosting the catalyst technology’s efficiency.

Envision’s EnOS a lot will be the operating system used within this collaboration and the companies aim for this operating system to act as a ‘conductor of the energy concerto’. If this process is successful the system will be able to be used to aid the optimisation of chemical plants.

It was in August of 2023, in Inner Mongolia, China, that Envision’s green hydrogen project was approved. After approval, the company set out a three-phase plan, which outlined how the company would establish green hydrogen, as well as ammonia and finally methanol production. Currently the plant is expected to be fully operational by 2028 and now that this project is being developed within a collaboration with BASF, plans for a demonstration of the integrated process have been made. This demonstration will take place in 2025 and it will be held at Envision’s Chifeng site.

On top of this collaboration with BASF, Envision also has other projects underway, such as one which is dedicated to focusing on establishing a 2GW electrolyser manufacturing plant. Another project is now at a stage where Envision has secured contracts which allows the company to supply wind turbines to projects. These projects include NEOM’s 2.2 GW green hydrogen production facility.


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