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28 Mar 2024

Enapter announces that they have won a seven-figure order for three of their AEM electrolyser units

Amy Power
Enapter announces that they have won a seven-figure order for three of their AEM electrolyser units

Italy recently placed an order with Enapter for three of their 1MW AEM Nexus 1000 units. This is the biggest single order which Enapter has ever received and it will be delivered to CFFT SpA.

The system that Enapter has created involves the use of 420 modular AEM stacks, which form a complete multicore system. This system has the capability of producing 450kg of hydrogen on a daily basis.

The technology will be received by CFFT, who have based this project in a harbour near Rome. The company’s plan for this electrolyser is to use it within a hydrogen refueling system, in which it will operate through the use of sustainably generated electricity. The benefits of the AEM Nexus 1000, is that it can produce green hydrogen on an industrial scale. The technology is able to produce this amount of green hydrogen due to its “market leading operational flexibility and reactivity to intermittent renewables.” The other benefit of this system is that the electrolyser container is able to avoid the use of costly materials and this includes iridium.

This innovative new 1MW multicore AEM system was first revealed by the company in 2023 and it was at that point that the company had already received orders for the new technology from Europe, Asia and North America.

Since this breakthrough was announced, the company has received other orders from companies such as F.i.l.m SpA, as well as other countries such as South Korea. Now that these orders have been placed, it has been agreed that Enapter’s partner YEST will install the solutions at the appropriate sites. All of the solutions to be installed are expected to produce over 1,000 tons of green hydrogen annually.

CEO at Enapter, Jürgen Laakmann, commented that it is, “great to see more and more companies are focusing on their own local green hydrogen production. With our iridium-free AEM technology, we can offer the flexibility required for operation and expansion with renewable energies.”


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