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05 Jan 2024

Alstom has been asked to continue supplying hydrogen-powered trains to Italian railways

Amy Power
Alstom has been asked to continue supplying hydrogen-powered trains to Italian railways

Alstom has recently begun business with Ferrovie del Sud Est (FSE), after Ferrovie placed an order for two Coradia Stream hydrogen trains.

FSE is a transport operator who have ordered the hydrogen trains, with the intention of replacing existing diesel trains with the new hydrogen-powered trains, throughout the Italian region of Puglia.

This purchase follows in the footsteps of Ferrovie Nord Milano (FNM), who back in 2020 signed a contract with Alstom for a maximum of 14 hydrogen-powered trains. This agreement is worth $175m and includes a clause which stated that the first of the trains would be delivered within 36 months of the order being placed. Following this agreement, FNM have ordered another two trains on top of the six trains which were previously ordered.

The trains were manufactured by Alstom at the company’s plants in Italy, these included the Savigliano site, the Vado Ligure site and the Sesto San Giovanni site, plus the Bologna site. The Savigliano site was used for the development, certification, production and testing processes. The Vado Ligure site was required for tasks such as outfitting the vehicle, this included processes such as finding an appropriate place for the hydrogen technology to be installed. The Sesto San Giovanni site was used for components and the Bologna site was necessary to the development of the signaling system.

These trains have been designed very well and very efficiently, as they come with multiple benefits, especially for the environment. The basic design was chosen based off of the single-deck Coradia Stream regional platform, however as these trains function off of hydrogen fuel cells, during their operations they do not emit carbon dioxide. The trains are also designed innovatively with several adaptations to make their energy conversion much cleaner and more efficient. These improvements have been shown in the way that the use of these trains will allow the country to take their first steps into creating a zero-emission rail mobility system. The trains have a 260-passenger capacity, plus a range of over 600km and the project is part of the Important Projects of Common European Interest (IPCEI) programme. This programme is funded by the European Union’s NextGenerationEU.

Managing Director of Alstom in Italy and President and CEO of Alstom Ferroviaria, Michele Viale, commented, “With the supply of four hydrogen trains to Ferrovie del Sud Est and Ferrovie Nord Milano, we are advancing local innovation and the reduction of CO2 emissions. This will not just transform the public transport system but also create opportunities for the local economy.”


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