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14 Jun 2024

AHT’s hydrogen generator successfully reduces emissions in a locomotive

Amy Power
AHT’s hydrogen generator successfully reduces emissions in a locomotive

Recently, an independent trial took place, which revealed that Advanced Hydrogen Technologies (AHT) Group’s hydrogen generator, effectively reduced the emissions of a Class 08 locomotive, based within the UK.

The first stage of this project was for the company to create a joint venture with Harry Needle Railroad Company (HNRC). During the first week of this collaboration, the trial focused on using AHT’s R4 Generator to ‘clean’ the train. This process involved removing residual carbon build up and it was important that this process was completed before a new carbon capture device was added.

Once the testing had begun, a baseline reading was taken and it was then compared to readings generated after the R4 hydrogen generator was fitted. This device determined the average 8% fuel saving and on top of this, the use of this device reduced 27% of carbon monoxide and it also reduced CO2 by 8%, nitric oxide by 22%, nitrogen dioxide by 12% and finally, formaldehyde was reduced by 39%.

Taking all of these readings into account, overall, the study’s results portrayed that gas emissions were reduced by 22%, whilst heavy particulates were reduced by 20%. Alongside this, the study also showed a savings of 8% was achieved when it came to diesel efficiency.

AHT CEO, Ben Kattenhorn, commented, “Rail is one of the sectors under most scrutiny. But Engine Carbon Clean and Capture offers an immediate solution – also restoring engine efficiency and power, lowering maintenance costs, extending the lifespan of assets and aligning with the new ESG requirements of the International Financial Reporting Standards Mandate. We also know these figures get even better over time, because a recent 18-month study on heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) reduced the worst emissions and particulates by over 91%.”

HNRC member, Marcus Mayers, mentioned, “This was the ideal opportunity to solve the pressing issue of how to measure and quantify the benefits of hydrogen, which has been holding us back for years. Access to both AHT’s specialist technology and [the] Black Country Innovative Manufacturing Organisation’s (BCIMO) outstanding testing facilities has given us the data and backing we need to have a proven business investment case for upgrading our locomotives.”


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