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23 Feb 2024

PHE and National Hydrogen agree to deploy hydrogen technology throughout multiple countries

Amy Power
PHE and National Hydrogen agree to deploy hydrogen technology throughout multiple countries

The Powerhouse Energy Group (PHE) and National Hydrogen have created an agreement which will involve the deployment of hydrogen-based technology throughout multiple countries. These countries include Australia, Italy, Switzerland and Hong Kong.

The agreement states that the technology roll-out will work off of a five-year framework, in which the technology and engineering expertise will be provided by PHE. The technology and expertise will be given out on a project-by-project basis and it will be delivered to National H2 for the roll-out of the intended project.

Whilst PHE has agreed to provide the technology and expertise, National H2 has agreed to fund the Front-End Engineering Design (FEED) for specific facilities. The facilities in question are the ones that will be run by Engsolve, who is one of PHE’s subsidiaries. Alongside the FEED part of the project, both companies will work together on the chosen Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) contractor.

So far, the development of hydrogen projects around the world has seen some development in Australia. It was in 2023 that the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) as well as the Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water (DCCEEW) were able to open a consultation. This consultation focused on the design of the federal government’s $1.5bn Hydrogen Headstart programme. Through this consultation the company created a proposal which would see the appearance of an opportunity for hydrogen projects to be supported with production credit, throughout a 10-year period. Since this development, the project has developed to a point in which it is ready to begin working with companies and it was in January 2024 that the Australian Government shortlisted six applicants for the Hydrogen Headstart programme. The programme now represents 3.5GW of electrolyser capacity and is also said to be one of the largest renewable hydrogen projects around the world.

PHE’s Chief Executive Officer, Paul Emmitt, commented that, ‘the collaboration with National H2 represents several years of work, discussion and negotiation with the Australian company’s chairman, Richard Allen.’ Emmitt continued, “This is a major milestone for us, [it] delivers a significant endorsement for our technology and know-how and provides us with both a platform for growth and a potential long-term income stream.”


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