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10 Nov 2023

Agreement between EET and KBR states that KBR will conduct FEED or the new hydrogen project

Amy Power
Agreement between EET and KBR states that KBR will conduct FEED or the new hydrogen project

EET, previously known as Vertex Hydrogen, has announced its plans which involve establishing a 1GW blue hydrogen production site at Essar’s Stanlow Manufacturing Complex. To make this possible EET and KBR have an agreement in which KBR will offer its expertise to produce front-end engineering design (FEED) for this new project.

EET plans to use waste fuel gas and natural gas to produce hydrogen along with carbon dioxide (CO2). This product will then be captured and stored in Liverpool Bay. EET expects this project to produce an estimated 230,000 tons of hydrogen per year, which will allow it to meet the agreement the company recently made, stating they would supply over 1GW’s worth of hydrogen.

In order to achieve this, EET sought help for the FEED part of this 1GW HPP2 blue hydrogen production plant. The plant will be located in the UK and KBR has been selected to carry out the FEED, as they are well-known for their skills. These skills include dispensing technology licensing, proprietary engineering design, vital equipment, catalysts and FEED for the 1GW plant. Under their agreement, KBR will offer all of these skills to the project. Choosing KBR to provide FEED for the project, was an excellent decision as KBR is well-known for their skills around hydrogen-related projects, having been selected to lead a fair number of them, especially for high-level companies around the world. These include, bp’s hydrogen project portfolio, Chemours’ $200m expansion plans, and Avina Clean Hydrogen’s 2,200 tonne per day green ammonia project. All of which showcase KBR’s excellent skills and expertise around projects such as EET’s.

Vice-President at KBR Integrated Solutions, Paul Baille, commented, “This venture represents more than a contract – it’s a landmark transition towards a cleaner, sustainable future. The scale and profile of the HyNet project allows us to put our proprietary technology to real, impactful use, spearheading the blue hydrogen energy movement in the UK. Our partnership with EET Hydrogen emphasises our commitment to reducing industry-wide carbon footprints, leveraging technology for a global good.”

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