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Soletair Power

Stand: 356

Soletair Power develops modular direct air capture systems that enable companies, corporations and commercial building owners to capture CO₂ directly from the air and be a part of the large-scale deployment of carbon dioxide removal measures. It is also the first company in the world to integrate carbon capture with building ventilation, which offsets the building's CO₂ emissions, supports employee wellbeing, and increases productivity. Soletair Power’s modular solution operates with a plug-and-play approach, enabling any company to install and use Direct Air Capture. The carbon the company captures can be reused as a non-fossil-based resource in a wide array of applications, effectively reversing the impact of CO₂. They envision empowering more than 5.9 million commercial buildings in the U.S., and 1 billion companies and commercial properties around the world, with their carbon dioxide capturing solutions by 2050.


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