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Elcon Precision LLC

Stand: 91

For more than 50 years, Elcon Precision has combined Silicon Valley innovation with collaborative problem-solving to create precision components for many industries, including energy, medical, aerospace and analytical instruments.

Our photochemical machining operation creates smooth, tightly-toleranced metal parts that are burr-free and stress-free.  This is important for the hydrogen industry, particularly for fuel cell and electrolyzer channel plates that will be stacked or layered.  Our process allows greater design flexibility on how to stack and seal layers.  Smooth, burr-free parts also improve fluid flow by minimizing the friction on the channel walls. Elcon is one of the very few manufacturers in the world that can process and shape refractory and specialty metals such as titanium, molybdenum, and tungsten.  We also process common metals such as copper, gold, beryllium, stainless steel, Hastelloy and Inconel.  Our hybrid process can combine CNC machining with photoetching to create parts that cannot be made by etching or machining alone.


1009 Timothy Drive
San Jose
CA 95133
United States
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