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29 May 2024

SIL3 voltage transducer to 3000 VDC - Knick Interface

Knick Interface LLC Stand: 830
SIL3 voltage transducer to 3000 VDC - Knick Interface
P45000 safely measures to 3000 VDC in SIL3 environments

Knick Interface - Huntington Beach, CA, is excited to announce the launch of our newest electrical measurement product for high voltage applications, the P45000.  It is the first transducer of its kind, offering high voltage measurement capability, up to 3000 V DC, in SIL3 functional safety applications.

SIL certification is growing as an important topic within the hydrogen industry, as companies continue to ensure that their equipment and processes are designed as safely as possible.  Use cases for P45000 include monitoring of cell groupings, stacks, and strings within electrolyzers and fuel cells. 

P45000 is a compact DC voltage transducer wtih measurement and continuous isolation capability to 3000 V DC.  Mutliple input/output ranges are available, depending on the application requirements.

Accuracy is specified by way of a gain error of <0.2% of measured value.  Further performance specifications are seen with a cutoff frequency >10 kHz and a response time (T90) of < 70 microseconds.

Applications with functional safety requirements can be properly carried out through P45000's certification for usage in SIL2 systems, and when used in a redundant installation, up to SIL3.  Additional electrical safety is shown by way of a test voltage to 20 kV AC.

The housing offers flexible mounting options: upright or horizontal, screwed or snapped onto 35mm DIN rail.  P45000 can even be mounted in a stack, allowing for very tight space requirements.


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