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Accelerating Carbon Capture & Storage (CCS): A vital component to the energy transition

28 Jun 2023
Carbon Capture, Utilization, Storage & Blue Hydrogen

Industrial advances which have improved global standards of living carry with them a hefty carbon footprint. At ExxonMobil, we believe that carbon capture and storage (CCS) will play a critical role in global decarbonization, but the pace of project development is insufficient for the scope of the challenge. In addition to global policy improvements, it is imperative that the industry rapidly demonstrate that CCS is both technically and commercially viable at scale to serve as a beacon for policy and market incentives to be strengthened globally. ExxonMobil has stepped up to address these complexities integrated across the value chain. We strive to help catalyze the CCS market to form and validate that the time for broad action is now.

Lydia Johnson, Vice President Product Development - ExxonMobil Low Carbon Solutions