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German Fuel Cell Cooperation: Efficient and Scalable Production Equipment for Bipolar Plates

29 Jun 2023
Fuel Cell Technology
The industrialization of fuel cells & electrolyzers is strongly dependent on efficient manufacturing equipment, acknowledging the complex value chain of stack production. Only if companies form alliances and their experts are working together, integrated production lines can be developed efficiently. That’s the goal that the companies of the German Fuel Cell Cooperation have set themselves. In their presentation, the German Fuel Cell Cooperation will present the key elements of their concept of an integrated bipolar plate production and the parameters that enable a robust, efficient and scalable production that the industry demands. In an emerging market, it’s not only about the equipment but also about the technologies being used, which the German Fuel Cell Cooperation addresses as well.
Alexander Wemme, Industry Manager Hydrogen & Fuel Cell - Von Ardenne