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Application of H2ICE Injection Technology on Commercial Vehicles

28 Jun 2023
Low-Carbon Fuels and Propulsion
This presentation will discuss the injection system solutions for both low-pressure port and medium pressure direct injection applications including injector and fuel control module. Particularly for commercial vehicle, Diesel engine conversions with swirl and low air-charge motion the air-fuel mixing is a critical factor influencing the emissions formation, the efficiency and the power.  The potential for injection pressure, flow rate and jet design to assist the air-fuel mixing and overall engine performance is discussed. The hardware and software for the H2 engine control is discussed in detail and the new control functions necessary for H2ICE are presented. 
An integrated medium pressure system solution is applied to a light commercial vehicle application.  A 2.2L Diesel engine has been converted for a medium pressure H2 injection and installed into a Light Commercial Vehicle.  Engine test results are presented and discussed.  Vehicle Simulations and measurements are shown to demonstrate the attractiveness of this technology for a fast and effective implementation of zero CO2 emissions solutions.
Geoffrey Scott, Engineering Manager, Fuel Systems - BorgWarner Inc.