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Unleashing Hydrogen's Power

28 Jun 2023
Hydrogen Production, Storage, and Infrastructure Development

The smallest atom in the universe represents one of our biggest opportunities to achieve net zero. There are many other policies and endeavors around the world that speak to the importance of hydrogen and are supporting its development. ExxonMobil has joined this effort, establishing end-to-end global value chains that connect production in the Permian Basin with manufacturing assets on the Gulf Coast, out to chemical, fuels, and LNG customers in the U.S., South America, Africa, Europe, and Asia. Our work will not only help society’s net zero ambitions, but it is also smart business sense, as we look to the potential $14 trillion market in emissions reductions that will open between now and 2050.

Mark Klewpatinond, Global Business Manager, Hydrogen - ExxonMobil Low Carbon Solutions