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Advances in Composite Membranes Design and Scale Up for Proton Exchange Membrane Water Electrolysis

29 Jun 2023
Fuel Cell Technology
This talk will focus on the challenges in low temperature proton exchange membrane (PEM) WE systems, particularly on design of composite PEM that can enable high efficiency, low total-cost-of-ownership WE systems that in turn enable lower levelized cost of hydrogen.
Applying the fundamental knowledge generated in fuel cell research with further tailoring of material properties to the needs of WE generated membranes with the thickness in the range of 50 micron that can withstand more than 400psi differential pressure, while possessing only half of the proton resistance of an industry benchmark non-reinforced membranes. These advancements enable high pressure, high current density operation of a WE system. We will also discuss how Gore leverages its fuel cell platform with robust supply chain developed over last 20 years for the scale-up of these novel WE PEM composites.  
Paul Kiernan, Product Specialist Clean Energy Business Group - W. L. Gore & Associates Inc.