Houston as an Energy Hub

14 Jun 2022
Hydrogen Production, Storage, and Infrastructure Development

Global decarbonization momentum has increased the focus on the unique and many roles of hydrogen in a low-carbon energy system. The Houston Gulf Coast area anchors the world’s leading hydrogen system, producing approximately 1/3 of the US’s total H2 gas annually, and encompassing an expansive system of 48 H2 production plants, over 900 miles of H2 pipelines (more than half of the US’s H2 pipelines and one-third of H2 pipelines globally), as well as geologically unique and at scale salt cavern storage. What steps are being taken to ensure Houston can transition rapidly enough capture these new opportunities?

Alan Rossiter, Executive Director, External Relations/Educational Program Development, UH Energy - University of Houston
Jane Stricker, Executive Director, Houston Energy Transition Initiative and SVP, Energy Transition - The Greater Houston Partnership
Charles McConnell, Executive Director - Center for Carbon Management in Energy